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Empathic ability can be one of the hardest psychic abilities to control. Empathic people feel others pain, sorrow, happiness, in fact they can feel the whole spectrum of human feelings.

This makes it hard for a new empathic person to close down and not take all of these feelings into themselves. The new empath can literally be taken over by these feelings. It is a natural part of being empathic to feel these, but these feelings from others need to be controlled so that the empath can live a normal productive life.

When a person becomes empathic, if they were not born with this gift, it can be a harrowing time trying to sort through the feelings they sense to see if they are in fact coming from within themselves, or from others around them. Most new empaths will hide themselves away from situations that they know will cause them distress. They wont go to the supermarket, watch the TV, anything that visualizes suffering of others.

They will become ungrounded for a while until they learn to cope with this gift. Many will find themselves bursting into tears for no reason at things that have never caused them to cry before, rising quickly to anger when they are around others who have lost control of their tempers, impatient with people, the list is a long one. This is a normal part of becoming empathic and it can be controlled.

What an empath needs to remember is that these feelings of despair, grief, total sadness are coming not from within themselves, but from the auric field of others which they come into contact with throughout their day. This is when their own auric field comes into contact with another's. The untrained empaths aura joins or gets too close to another persons, making their feelings now the empaths. This will in turn make the empath very vulnerable and also tired because of the draining of their energy.

What is needed is for the empath to learn how to 'close down' their aura so that these feelings don't become their own, unless they are giving a reading, although then they must keep themselves distanced from the Readee otherwise it will deplete the energy of the empath. One of the easiest ways to close down is to ground, although there are affirmations to help. They need to choose one that works for them and then stick with it, not change it all of the time. Do not try to place a house around yourself for example as when this is eventually found to be ineffective in stopping the merging of auras, that would cause a loss of confidence in your ability. Ask God, Jesus or which Deity you pray to, to help you stand strong and to be at your side whilst you are 'working'.

Once the new empath has mastered this skill, they will find it a wonderful aid in their psychic abilities. It can aid with the healing art of Reiki, it can help with their readings, in so much as discerning whether the spirit is a family member and which side of the family the spirit comes from. This can all be told by the empath because they read the energy of a person or spirit. It is a very useful and powerful gift to have.

As their gift grows, they can accurately feel the feelings of others, over the internet or telephone for example. They do not need to be in physical contact with the people with who they are talking to, to understand their feelings at that time. They can automatically sense when something is going on with a family member, even though they may wear a painted on smile, an empath can tell when they are in pain or in need without them saying a word.

Once the new empath has mastered their gift, it opens a wide range of opportunities to them in their psychic pursuits. All they need to remember is; ground, cleanse, and close their auras.

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5 virtues

Here's an interesting post from AL of purpleforum:



The human soul that you are is one. To understand the inner workings, we could look at the soul as having 3 main areas which are active within.

MIND- Creates thoughts. Thoughts emerge and give off vibrations. Thoughts come from feelings.

INTELLECT- Retains knowledge and discriminates the thoughts which emerge in the mind. Our thoughts words and actions will reflect the knowledge and therefore, understanding that the intellect has, and at this time, the degree to which the intellect controls the mind, overriding the negative personality which wants to control the mind and the thoughts that it creates.
Conscience. Reasoning. Understanding, WISDOM.
It would be negative to use the intellect to judge the self or others.

PERSONALITY- The accumulation of our past experiences through using a body to express and experience combined with the souls own eternal personality which becomes lost beneath the layers of life experience over many lives.
( mind intellect personality is covered in "who am I meditation " in depth )

There appear to be 5 essence virtues which are at the foundation of the soul. They are the natural original qualities of the souls which we are. The soul does not have weakness before it enters this play of life, as it has had no previous lives.
We existed in a region of golden silent light beyond this material world. The home of all souls.
My current understanding is that, at their negative opposite end of the spectrum , entropy has transformed these quality' s into vices over the span of our many ( or few ) lives.
I use the term " vice " because it seems accurate. A vice traps the object and holds it very tight . It has a grip on it and it is going nowhere. Stuck.
I am not so sure that it is a reason to feel fear or guilty and brandish such words as " sin " as it is always going to happen under the influence of entropy / pre destiny. Everything within time and space degrades naturally, or appears to. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
We could see these 5 virtues as being like a hand with five fingers . The self respect is the thumb. Wherever you find one of the other virtues ( fingers ) , self respect is often there like the thumb, we don' t do many things with our hands / fingers without the thumb being involved.
When they all co - operate with each other, great weights can be lifted, and wonderful things created.

1 SELF RESPECT - It comes from being aware of the self as a peaceful eternal immortal infinitesimal spiritual being , the original state of the soul / self.
If I have true self respect , I will have respect for others. The intellect will have knowledge that I am of a spiritual nature.
Self sovereign . I control the kingdom of my own mind. I have control over my thoughts words and actions. Master over matter including the 5 bodily senses.
We can use the complete one , the supreme soul mirror to compare our self respect with our parent / teacher. If we appear warped , we can always laugh at it , just like in the fairground hall of mirrors. Then set about changing the self, the personality, until it is similar to the spiritual teacher / parent, the supreme soul.
The intellect receives knowledge, experiences that knowledge, and begins to lay down a new cycle of, or, emerge the original personality traits which were there before we entered this DRAMA.

I think we all know what arrogance is. Some may argue that the MALE EGO is greater, perhaps it is just more prominent in its expression and easier to detect than female EGO which may be more inverted. The same thing coming out in different ways ?
The intellect has become weak and is being by passed leaving the negative personality to control the the mind which forms thoughts.
When we have a spiritual identity crisis , eg, ' I the soul am my body ' , then the " I " aspect changes. " I " am then living a lie. I have become something and someone completely different from the pure soul that " I am naturally " . With EGO being closely related to the " I " , it is not surprising that it causes us all sorts of problems and little true self respect let alone respect for others.
I develop false personality through acting in the awareness of being a body. Over time, the intellect becomes flat and powerless as the knowledge that I am a body does not resonate with the true inner self. These body conscious personality traits grow in strength, and as with any repetitive behaviour, the groove is dug deeper.
It is important to get the balance between I, MY, ME and MINE without treading the hamster wheel of religious fear and repetition or berating the self. It may take a life time, so we must allow for that and aim for balance between spiritual application and the rest of our life if we are on the path of self transformation. We go along according to our own limitations without comparing to others.
Being a complete, pure spiritual being is natural, it is what we naturally are, and always have been, it is no big deal. THE COMPLETE FORM IS NO BIG DEAL.
The superficial self, the body conscious self, or, personality however, IS a big deal. It is extraordinary, quite unique, outrageously freaky, warped, twisted, a complete lie, total illusion, it is quite simply, something else, it is way out man, yet, meant to be. Have mercy on the self. Self respect.
Om Shanti - I the soul AM pure and peaceful. We are already it, we just need to be it.

2 LIBERATION IN LIFE - The soul, being naturally self aware is master over matter. Everything is in balance and harmony, the natural virtues are expressed through the bodily costume. The actor is in control of the performance, naturally aware that it is a play. The awareness of drama brings lightness.
At this point in time, of purification, this time of transition from the old world to the new, we can experience the awareness, I came naked and will go back the same, as a pure spiritual being. We can see the end and the beginning now.
In future lives there will be a very light easy experience through life in our immortal awareness. We also have the natural awareness of others being immortal spiritual beings who act through bodily costumes also, and there is no fear of death.
As with thinking the thoughts ' I am breathing ', there is no battle to control the mind, and so there is no conscious thoughts of " I am a soul ". There is no alternative. The thought doesn't' t arise. What else could " I " be as body consciousness has not been invented yet.
Detached and loving. The lotus flower. The degree to which I am detached, is the degree to which I am loving.
And there is the divine one at THIS time, a taste of true spiritual love, unconditional love, a time when we re charge the battery of the soul, and a subtle connection which deteriorates through time there after over thousands of years.
We will have no awareness of being liberated from negative personality or matter, as the concept does not exist. A world without negativity.

Our first and foremost attachment in life is our body. It is our first and immediate contact with the corporeal world. ATTACHMENT then spreads out into the world into and onto other things, be it other people ( relationships) , material things, we also get attached to expectations of what is going to happen , or did happen, and when it invariably doesn't ' t , or something else happens, other vices can emerge such as lack of understanding, fear then anger. If we are angry, there will be ego in there with it . If attached, ego will be the banker, bankrolling the other vices.
We can have material possessions yet not be attached to them . SELFISHNESS is surely a daughter of ATTACHMENT.
There can be few things more distorted than being under the illusion that you own someone else's body, Or is it the soul that is being owned ? Both ? All souls belong to the supreme soul.
We can belong to someone without being attached to them. If you love someone, set them free. I don' t mean end the relationship. We can have relationships and material things without being attached. Without having conditions attached. Unconditional.
Habits and addictions have attachment at their core. We can get attached to desires. Pure desire is acceptable, unless the ego hijacks it.

What is love ? We are capable of feeling pure love and compassion for all souls as well as for the self. If we have no love for the self, we cannot have it for others.
Love may not exist as such , but may be the result of many other things working in natural harmony with each other to create something which DOES exist.
Love is sweet Love is belonging Love is giving ( unconditionally )
Love is understanding Love is accepting Love is detached, and loving

Love is surely connected to that which we call the emotions. Is love PURE emotion ? The emotions can cause havoc within the spiritual pioneer. They can be like a drug.
The means by which we pro create can be regarded as a sin. This subject needs a lot of judging gossipping and well...... understanding as it can be swept under the carpet all too often, the carpet may now require hiking boots in order to walk over it. Yes, hormones, pheromones and all things which orbit around breeding. The decision to bring souls into this world and " sex lust " are very far apart in reality, yet seem to be thrown together all too readily. The word love is abused. What went wrong here? Identifying ourselves with the body and seeing others as body' s? LOVE FOR BODY' S.
The eyes are the big player in these games . Or should that be the I' s. Well what do you know, not our buddy ego in there with lust also surely ? Yup, both in the chasing role, and the attracting role and the end result being possible attachment and the possessive jealousy etc cousins come to stay.
I am in love with this one' s body, therefore, I am in love with their personality. Hmm.
The body could be considered a reflection of the personality but we can go deeper than that, the subject is a book in its own right.
Sex lust is the obvious thing which comes to mind when we come across the word lust. Yet people lust after all sorts of things IE - The world, money, cars, chocolate and other drugs.
The Internet has probably contributed / amplified some degree, to the heavy lust vibration which pervades the world in which we live. Spiritual pollution. Only we as individuals can change that, through being soul conscious and changing the self / personality, without self judgement and be-ration. I am not talking about going around in religious straight jackets.
The supreme soul has come to instigate and help in this process of self transformation.
That is not to say that two souls cannot copulate in soul consciousness ( ? ) This could prove challenging at this time depending on the individuals due to the baggage from past lives. I am by no means an authority on the subject. Far from it. This is an on going debate right now. Lets just say, when engaging in sex, see the self and the other as a soul, if you are going to indulge anyway.( I think I am digging a hole for myself here )
When meditating, it is the sexual energy which fly' s the soul. Without it, we lack the vitality especially in terms of holding concentration and suspending / sustaining the experience. As always, we get out of it what we put into it.
Accepting then transforming our weaknesses is the name of the game, not jumping up and down on top of them until they burst. Very messy. Transforming the negative back to its original positive state rather than destroying then creating with new materials is a more positive approach.
If I see myself as a body, I will see others as body' s. Like many things, It can be fun, but only for so long. We humans get bored with our toys pretty quickly.
Having a partner in life is natural for human beings. As is having children. It is about transforming and not destroying. About taking decisions which are best for us on a personal level.
We are all different, we shouldn't' t compare to others, we must find our own way / level based on what we have. We will never justify lust of any sort, though, ego and attachment can, or we may get angry.
Spiritual principles are optional, no one can make us do anything . In life, We receive the return and experience of the choices which we make, then observe and learn. Some may choose celibacy, others may not have the capacity. We learn to find our level with anything, spiritual paths are no different. Can we accept our limitations without accepting defeat in a drama where victory is our birthright ?
And of course, learning to love the self is the first love.

Bliss infers that we are naturally blissful. Bliss is intense. It is powerful. It can be difficult to imagine at this time, being constantly blissful, without taking intoxicants. In future and in moments now, in theory at least, It will surely be.
Bliss is connected to natural purity.
SILENCE is the most powerful energy in the universe.
PEACE is what I am, and is the experience beyond the corporeal drama.
We are all infinitesimally small.
Free from bondage.

It is said that crying is a form of anger. Perhaps ANGER could be considered to be a lack of understanding eg The understanding of why something is happening, as someone who does not understand themSELF. So, lack of understanding, causes fear, causes anger.
Knowledge- experience- realisation brings understanding and wisdom. Of course, you can just ignore all that and get into other things. Your choice.
When the ego doesn't get its way towards negative desires which it is attached to, or things don't go according to EXPECTATION, there can be anger, with ego at the wheel.
Reacting, the way we react to any given situation is a big part of self transformation and spiritual lifestyle.
Without the awareness of self and the understanding of drama / karma ( lets use the karma term in a simple way, IE my weaknesses keep tripping me up ) , we tend not to understand why certain things are happening . And even WITH the awareness of karma ......
We tend to fear that which we don ' t understand, and so become insecure and confused, resulting in ANGER.
Where the likes of attachment could be seen as female " energy " , I think we could see ANGER as being more male in terms of " energy " . The spiritual father is the blissful one.

5 BENEVOLENCE - Serving others. Giving to others unconditionally, that which can bring them benefit, for a long time. It also brings the self benefit.
If we want to move forward, put others forward ahead of the self.
I recognise my spiritual brothers with compassion and humility. All souls are spiritual brothers.The souls nature is that of peace, which is perhaps more female in terms of energy.
I donate / express the virtues to others through thoughts words and actions, unconditionally.
I sit with the seed of the world family tree and see / experience / realise all as my spiritual brothers, EQUAL to each other.
I see the self and others in their pure natural spiritual form and the pure personality which exists within.
I see the material world as belonging to the supreme soul and I am a guardian / care taker. This apply' s to my body also.
I change my self in order to change the world, unconditionally.
I love others unconditionally with pure desire for the benefit of all.
I put others ahead of the self, without allowing myself to be used treated with dis respect.
What we put out comes back to us. Karma.

Giving is taking, though this could become something negative such as, giving in order to receive. The word compassion and again, unconditional come to mind.
We cannot cheat drama ( life) / karma in this way. There is no self respect or royalty (self control / pure personality ) in this
. There is no benefit in comparing the self to others, unless it is the sweet silent one.
Greed may suggest a certain fear or insecurity, filling a void perhaps.
Ego is a close friend of greed ' I want that, it will boost my status and allow me to accumulate in order to hoard, therefore , keeping from others. I have abundance while others are lacking.
Name and fame can have greed attached to it.
The wanting for ME, I, MINE. Perhaps we get greedy about things that we are lusting after because we are attached to the desire of having, possessing them.
It often applies to material objects and money, or food.People?
Money can = power. With money, we can be greedy with food and material things etc. and feed the ego' s desire. We may even get greedy about having a bigger ego than we already have or lust after. There is no self respect in this.
Greedy desire for power on the world stage. Taking more than we are entitled to or which is good for us. Desiring that which we want rather than what we need. Owning that which belongs to God. My body belongs to God. I the soul belong to the benevolent one.
Perhaps the greatest need for benevolence is towards the self, by simply accepting who we are and being it without religious grind. Self service comes first. Change the self to change the world.
There will be an abundance of everything in the future, poverty is a human construction, inspired by greed, and lust for power and material things, fear of others having, including the world itself.
We need to be greedy for power over the kingdom of our own minds. Pure greed, which is benevolence. Changing my SELF is true benevolence, we don' t need wads of cash to do it.
All the worlds a stage, a play, a drama. And a very convincing one at that.
Love and compassion to ALL souls.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Tarot focus: Ace of Cups

The element/suit of Cups is related to water & symbolize emotions. Emotions in the highest purist sense. Meaning that emotions are the bridge between thought & manifestation. It is the "spiritual" marriage of thought & feelings which will inevitably lead to physical manifestation or a positive out-picturing in your physical world.
Aces are the the power of the number one. One is the inherent power of possibility. Ones signal new beginnings, innovation & the awesome creative power in our uniqueness & also in our independence. Cups are love, feelings & emotions. The Ace of cups as a lot of happiness & joy to the scenarios.
The Ace of Cups denotes the passion, thrill & excitedness of new love - quite possibly true love. It is like the hand of God bringing you a most beautiful gift. However, it is the POSSIBILITY of all these wonderful beautiful energies coming tinot your life in the very near future. It is up (like all the cards in Tarot for we have free-will) to you to make it happen & to do the work which will create with, what at first, is the over-whelming excitment of a most joyful love; a most transformative (perhaps the most powerful) life-changing possibility into a tangible solid foundation from where this BIG BIG LOVE can be tended to, cared for & be given the chance to cultivate & blossom.

The Ace of Cups is the Power of Love & the Power of Intuition; of being very deeply & faithfully connected to your inner-being, higher-guide or to God if you like. Love is (in my humble opinion) the greatest catalyst for positive transformation that is available to us on Earth. "As above so below" and "As below so above". Human love is our chance to emulate God's unconditional love for humanity. It is through love that we may best learn, expand & grow. Love gives us the ability to have life altering experiences where we may open our hearts in the most fantastic & special way. Romantic love from the perspective of the Ace of Cups can also lead the way to Spiritual Enlightenment. It is a great blessing being bestowed upon you. What or who you desire; desires you too!