Friday, August 25, 2006

Synchronicity and the universe

Carl Jung, my favorite psychologist, once came up with the term synchronicity when one time, while his patient was consulting with him about her dream about scarabs then suddenly he saw a beatle fly through his window. Synchronicity is explained as meaningful coincidence and is often associated with the universe. I often think that some coincidences in life is one way of knowing that we are on the right path of our journey in life. That somehow, the universe is guiding us to be where we ought to be. If we stand back and reassess how we are currently and try to connect the past, we will notice how one thing leads to another and in the end, we are taught lessons in life that makes us stronger. I often see obstacles as lessons to be learned rather than big stroke of jinx.

In Deepak Chopra's book, he said that our body is part of the universe. We are the universe...we are part of the whole. This collective unconscious, as Jung called it, is an access to archetypes that are often present in our lives. Notice how some stories in movies, books from different cultures, lives have a pattern. They are often seen in stories in mythology.

An example of an archetype :

"The Anima Or Animus

The second most prevalent potential patterning is that of the Soul (Anima is the male name for soul; Animus is the female name for soul). Here we meet our inner opposite. Males meet their Anima; females their Animus. The Anima may appear as an exotic dancing girl or a weathered old hag--the form generally reflects either the condition or the needs of our soul presently. Remember the wicked witch encountered by Hanzel and Gretel. The Animus may appear as an exotic, sensual, young man or as an old grouch. Remember the Great Oz who ran the Emerald City? There is always Simon Legree who took in Little Eva. Consider Super Man and Lois Lane. Clark Kent is the inferior, shadow side of Super Man, but he is also closer to ordinary people. Lois Lane has no interest in Clark. She is infatuated with Super Man, her Animus; the masculine completion of her personality. Wonder Woman offers us an example of the Anima in action." source: Jung's archetypes

If you need to assess your life, analyze your journal and take note of prevalent patterns that seems to emerge from your life experience. This way, you are aware of what's happening and take control of your life. Sometimes, we're too keen on the small things that we don't notice the bigger picture ahead.